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The industrial wine and its mechanical reproduction

In the ‘30’s, before the phenomenal changes that science and technology had produced in the art world, the German philosopher, Walter Benjamin wrote his famous essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, a reflection about the transformation of art and its possible new role in front of the rising mass culture. […]

Wine scores: a game in which we all lose

Every year many “experts” of the wine world come to Argentina to give their verdicts on our products. The Chilean, Patricio Tapia came with his guide Descorchados, as did Tim Atkin, who will soon release his review on Argentine wines, whilst the former Wine Spectator, James Suckling has already published his report. The medals awarded […]

Biodynamics and Science:
Biology in vineyard soils

This is the third of a series of articles that will investigate the scientific basis of biodynamic viticulture and the harmful effects of chemical agriculture.   Depending on their management, vineyards are systems based on perennial plants (grapevines) intercropped with different soil cover strategies that might go from bare soils to annual legume-grass covers to perennial […]

Biodynamics and Science:
only natural wines express terroir

This is the second of a series of articles that will investigate the scientific basis of biodynamic viticulture and the effects of chemical agriculture. The following review clearly illustrates that chemical inputs used in the past 50 years disrupt the subtle and complex balance that the vine has developed with the soil ecosystem and that […]

Biodynamic viticulture and its scientific evidences

This is the first of a series of articles that will investigate the scientific basis of biodynamic viticulture and show the harmful effects of the use of agrochemicals in the vineyard, as demonstrated by an extensive bibliography of studies and research that we will mention as references. Great wines have always had a close relationship with […]

Inkarri: a new wine range with deep Andean roots

Wine does not exist by itself in nature. It’s a product created by humans using natural processes to transform the juice of the vitis vinifera. Wine is therefore a product of culture. The Romans promoted its widespread consumption and used it as a means to establish their people in new conquered land. This custom remained […]

Chakana and the 7th South American Meeting of Biodynamic Viticulture

Biodynamic agriculture is much more than a method for producing wine: it is an international movement with deep principles and strong social commitment. Biodynamics proposes an agricultural model with stronger awareness of the relationships between humans, the environment and the cosmos. It is agriculture for the future. Today, we are honored to announce that the […]

Wintertime in Biodynamics

The abundant snow covering our estates, a few weeks ago, was a gorgeous view. It was also an important water supply for the cover crops recently planted within the vineyards rows. In wintertime, while the vines rest, other plants flourish: legumes, clovers, cruciferous plants that enrich the soil and increase the biodiversity in the farms. Each plant […]

Great scores for great Malbecs, by James Suckling

The internationally acclaimed wine critic, James Suckling has just released his latest report from Argentina. And, once again, at Chakana we’re welcoming good scores for our wines. In the introduction to his report, Suckling described the “not heavy and not overdone” style of the top wines he tasted. He also recognized the increasing importance of […]