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Chakana and the 7th South American Meeting of Biodynamic Viticulture

Biodynamic agriculture is much more than a method for producing wine: it is an international movement with deep principles and strong social commitment. Biodynamics proposes an agricultural model with stronger awareness of the relationships between humans, the environment and the cosmos. It is agriculture for the future.

Today, we are honored to announce that the next annual meeting of biodynamic wineries organized by Demeter International will take place at Chakana winery on 23, 24, 25 November. We will also be hosting an event for the press and the public in Buenos Aires on November 22nd.

This event is a unique opportunity to communicate to the Argentine public the values and principles of biodynamic wines: a concrete response to the “commoditization” of wine imposed by the big industry with the aim of recovering the authenticity of this product.

The biodynamic and “natural” wine movement forces us to rethink agriculture as a whole, relating it to other aspects of culture and considering it essential for the future of humanity. That is why we have invited biodynamic experts such as Georg Meissner and Hans Supenkämper as well as the renowned producer and communicator, Nicolas Joly to join the meeting. We have also invited Jonathan Nossiter, film director and writer who considers wine and biodynamics as successful examples of cultural resistance.

Our goal, in line with Demeter’s International Charter of Principles, is to put biodynamics in the context of a broader cultural need that reconnects the authentic producer directly with the consumer.

We will be showing the film “Natural Resistance” in Buenos Aires. The director Jonathan Nossiter will introduce it to the Argentine public and at the end there will be a tasting of biodynamic wines from Latin America. Nossiter revolutionized the world of wine in 2004 with his movie “Mondovino” which denounced the standardization of industrial wine and its loss of authenticity. In his most recent work and in the book “Cultural Insurrection” he tells how natural wine producers have succeeded in creating a lively, radical and positive alternative to this industry and how this revolution can be taken as an example in other sectors of the cultural world.

With him, we want to recover one of the most important qualities of wine; the fact that it is a universal drink which gathers people together, invites them to dialogue – through wine we can discuss the everything. The aim is to go beyond the wine sector and interrogate Argentine society on cultural and agricultural issues.

The program will continue in Mendoza at Chakana winery with an important technical talk by Georg Meissner and Hans Supenkämper; both recognized international advisors in biodynamic agriculture. They will be presenting their contributions to the areas of viticulture, enology, composting and biodynamic preparations respectively and sharing with the wineries of South America their enormous experience.

We will also have the honor of holding a teleconference with Nicolas Joly, French winegrower and one of the pioneers and leading personalities of the biodynamic wine movement worldwide. Joly supports the idea that “only agriculture which is aware of the laws of nature and the forces that structure it can help to express the true diversity of each terroir”.

We want to take advantage of this international meeting to transform it into a cultural event involving both the public and media because we are committed to the authenticity of production with respect for the agricultural origin of wine and its close relationship with society. As Nossiter writes, “that living part of wine that industry will never understand”.